OMEC was funded under the Carbon Based Electronics Initiative, supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).  EPSRC is the UK Government’s leading funding agency for research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.

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OMEC benefits from strong links with the Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC). OMIC is a UK government supported University Innovation Centre (UIC) for speciality organic materials and polymer industries. It is an independently managed partnership between industry members and academia to bridge the gap between the knowledge that Universities generate and the input that industries need in order to innovate and grow.

OMEC is composed of personnel from the following institutions:

The University of Manchester has an international reputation for polymer research and has one of the highest concentrations of polymer scientists in the UK.

  • Douglas Kell (School of Chemistry)
  • Roy Goodacre (School of Chemistry)
  • Prof Aimin Song (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • Dr Leszek Majewski (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • Mike Turner (School of Chemistry, overall project co-ordinator)
  • Steve Yeates (School of Chemistry)
  • Brian Saunders (School of Materials)

The University of Sheffield also has a strong polymer research base in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Department of Chemistry

Imperial College has an international reputation for research in printed electronics within the Centre for Plastic Electronics

  • Jenny Nelson (Department of Physics)
  • Saif Haque (Department of Chemistry)

The University of Durham has a strong polymer research base in polymer science

  • Nigel Clarke (Department of Chemistry)

The University of Lancaster has an excellent reputation in theoretical physics

  • Colin Lambert (Department of Physics)

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